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You never know where you’ll read—or hear—the voice of Tonya Parker. She has contributed to various anthologies as well as written books and recorded a meditation CD. Check them out!

ABC Your Way from Danger to Opportunity: Spiritual Activism in Changing Times Kindle Edition


Written By Tonya Parker

What is your response-ability when it appears your world is going to Hell in a handbasket? Do you see danger and become bogged down in a mire of fear, hate, despair, and other vibrations that only serve to perpetuate the problem? Or do you rise above and embrace the opportunity to transform yourself and the situation into something greater? This book serves as a primer on spiritual activism, offering ABCs of inspiration to help you cope with a quickly changing world that stands on the precipice of creating either heaven or hell here on earth.

Diary Of A Witch's Daughter


Written By Tonya Parker

Harmony Blue shares her innermost thoughts with her new Diary. Read what happens as she struggles to live up to her name, keeping life in a calm and balanced state as she enters high school, deals with MG’s—mean girls, experiences her first love, writes amazing stories, and tries to come to terms with her wonderfully wacky and woo-woo witch of a mom.

Prosperity Stories


Edited by Carolyn Bothuel and Rev. Cynthia Lea Tootle.
Tonya Parker joins her interfaith spiritual community to share their stories of how the Divine has touched their lives in simple and profound ways. They have created a lovely book of stories with many voices that express the amazing moments in their lives in their own words. They use different words, from different religions, from different belief systems, to describe that indescribable moment of knowing the touch of the Divine.




Edited by G. Winston James and Lisa C. Moore
In Spirited: Affirming the Soul and Black Gay/Lesbian Identity, more than 40 writers, including Tonya Parker, address the question of how we, as same-gender-loving black people, affirm ourselves as sexual and spiritual people. These sacred narratives are a canon for our survival—holy texts proclaiming the divinity of our lives, the righteousness of our love, and the sanctity of our being. Spirited is a must-read for those on a journey toward spiritual and self- acceptance.


Meditative Morsels

© Copyright - 885007300465

By Tonya Parker
Blend soothing sounds with a mesmerizing voice, mix in consciousness-shifting prayer and meditation, and the result? This deliciously delectable CD infused with the healing essence of the artist.