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You never know where you’ll read—or hear—the voice of Tonya Parker. She has contributed to various anthologies as well as written books and recorded a meditation CD, agreeing with Nayyirah Waheed: "There is no healthier drug than creativity."

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Torii Gates

Working from home has become the new normal for millions during the Covid pandemic. The stress of such a sudden and drastic shift has had a major impact on our minds, bodies, and individual and collective spirits. How do we adjust, cope, and move from fighting to survive to learning to thrive? Enter Holistic Healer, Reverend Tonya Parker. Once coined “Therapeutic Goddess,” Rev. Tonya draws from her own experiences as a home-based entrepreneur as well as decades of healing work in fields such as counseling and massage therapy and her eager exploration of all things holistic to curate tools and strategies to support you during this shift. It was not a difficult task, since she received the book title and most of its content as a download from Spirit in the midst of massaging. This guidebook, beautifully blending poignancy, practicality, whimsy and wit, has something for everyone, from A to Z.

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