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Meet The W.I.T.C.H of MBSF

About Tonya


You know how women healing practitioners can feel out of balance, stressed, and create distress and dis-ease in their bodies and bank accounts? Well, not only has Tonya been that woman, but she has decades of experience supporting thousands to transform distress to de-stress, and is clear she is called to “teach” that which she needs to learn. Now, she embraces her calling as a W.I.T.C.H.—Woman In Tune with Conscious Healing—to tap into her experience as a former psychotherapist, a multi-modal holistic healer, coach and intuitive "Throat Chakra Shaman" to support other women in tuning into self, Spirit and nature. As a result, they are able to co-create more peace, ease, and balance, thus returning to their natural state of whole health and wealth…mind, body, and soul.

A lifelong learner, here is a sampling of Tonya’s Education & Training…


BA Sociology, MEd Agency Counseling, EdS Professional Counseling - College of William & Mary


Human Resources Development & Management Certificate, Northern VA Community College


Natural Wellness Certificate – Clayton College of Natural Health


Additional certifications earned in:

Therapeutic Massage, Reiki Levels I-III, Medicinal Aromatherapy, Metaphysics, and Teaching Meditation


Additional training in Shamanism, Intuitive Development, Conscious Cooking, Leadership Development, Voice Acting, and more


Tonya drew from her own background to inspire both the mother and daughter characters in her juvenile fiction book, Diary of a Witch’s Daughter:


“[I am indeed a WITCH—a Woman In Tune with Conscious Healing]...My mom said she has spent many years looking within and becoming conscious of who she is… Through years of prayer and meditation, she now easily feels the connection with Spirit—what some people call God—with other people, and even with plants and animals. She says she’s tuned in to a greater consciousness, and as a result, is able to see auras, facilitate healing with energy, and use her intuition and messages from the spirit realm to guide her decisions. She has also used her gift of connection with nature— through her herbs, oils, and natural food—to help others transform their lives through healing of the mind, body, and spirit. So when people who don’t understand her call her a witch, she empowers herself by proudly owning the name." ~Harmony Blue, in Diary of a Witch’s Daughter

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